Mind, Brain, Consciousness

To be continued …

The pilot EEG study of Samatha meditators described here, illustrates the potential of this kind of study to illuminate brain processes, and to help unpick the nature of attention, perception and consciousness.

The key findings so far are:

It is intended to develop the EEG study further using more advanced equipment to record up to higher frequencies. The pilot study has been restricted to the range 0.5 – 30 Hz because of hardware limitations, but there is some evidence from studying advanced Tibetan meditators that higher frequency activity can also be important as a “signature” of linked consciousness over separated areas of the brain. New equipment has recently (August 2012) been purchased that will allow recordings to be made up to 150 Hz, funded almost entirely by donations, for which we are very appreciative, and this website will be updated as new results become available. Any interested individuals or organisations that would like to support this project in the future are invited to contact us at

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